CAST (Christian Anti-Slavery Today)

Slavery = being forced to work, controlled by another person through physical buse/violence or denied free will
  • Slavery exists on every continent – including ours.

  • Today millions of men, women and children suffer the cruelty of slavery.

  • Every two minutes a child is sold.

  • Most people remain unaware of slavery today.

CAST aims to raise awareness of the shocking reality of slavery today and mobilise and equip others to effectively combat this violation of human rights.

Every minute a person is trafficked across international borders.

How CAST combats slavery and the abuse of human rights:
  • CAST provides free resources helping people to make ethical choices.

  • We enable others to use advocacy as well as to take action, informing them of ways to contact and influence policy makers.

  • As we inter-act in the community welcoming those of other faiths or none, together we effectively oppose the violation of human rights.

  • Events such as ‘Teens & 20’s Fair Fashion Shows’ and Freedom Festivals’ celebrate how freedom is being gained for victims through action and advocacy while raising awareness.



People suffering from poverty or illness become trapped in ‘bonded labour’ the most common form of slavery during times such as a medical emergency.

You can make a difference!
  • Simple changes in your everyday living mean you can shop for and use ethically sourced – slavery free – items.

  • Inform community traders, retailers and policy makers in government that you oppose slavery.

  • CAST provides free resources to help you with everything from creative dramatic sketches and puppetry to countering human trafficking and sponsoring rescued victims or those at risk.

If you take just ten minutes to act, during that time five children will be sold. We may not be able to free all of them – but together we can make a difference!


Racism and prejudice against females account for some of the greatest crimes against humanity in current slavery.