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Couple from Pakistan run with patience – and love


‘Run with it’ may be a term casually used by many. Yet one couple from Pakistan bravely chose to ‘run with patience the race that is set’ for them (as in Hebrews 12:1). Settled in Bedford for 35 years, they felt God’s call to return to their country of birth. ‘It’s not enough to just talk about faith,’ explains Revd J*, ‘When you show your love, people will come to Jesus.’ In spite of hazards, J and his wife R help alleviate the suffering of poverty stricken families. They work in partnership with Christians locally and worldwide, including Siloam Christian Ministries UK.

Danger has increased even more with recent terrorist attacks. Yet J and R continue their work among marginalised people, especially families entrapped in the bondage of brick kilns. Their motivation centres on those who hurt such as a six year old little boy who turns bricks and a young person digging. Like their impoverished parents, children work long hours.

‘Targeted atrocities highlight the danger to Pakistani Christians,’ notes Richard Norton Siloam UK Director. ‘Yet we can empower local believers as they struggle against tremendous adversity. Simple food packs for children and social relief express God’s love to marginalised families.’

Patiently working alongside others in dire conditions, J and R seek to teach as well as demonstrate the good |news of God’s love through Jesus. Bible teaching, food, medical aid and education all help elevate the destitute. J and R are now returning to the UK to update people individually and at gatherings. Siloam can help arrange meetings with J and R, Tel: 08000-27-79-17.

Pakistan project 1

This six year old boy works long hours turning over bricks to dry


Deprived of education, young people labour at tasks like mixing mud to make bricks

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