Press release for Immediate Release

Diabetes Detection Saves Sight



Medical staff headed by Dr Devdutt Thomas make eye care available for those unable to afford it


Ground-breaking technology now enables Siloam Thomas Eye Hospital to avoid blindness and other diabetic complications. Located in India, the hospital uses a high resolution camera which provides early diabetes detection.

‘With diabetes becoming a global matter for all age groups, many individuals and organisations have made this break-through possible’ notes Richard Norton, UK Director of Siloam Christian Ministries. ‘Benefactors from various places contributed to purchasing this sight-saving equipment. Also, the hospital appreciates the involvement of organisations like The Lions and Rotary International whose local members support our projects.’

Dr Devdutt Thomas who heads the medical work explains, ‘This equipment is important to record and store the examination for early identification of diabetic eye disease. Then, too, it reveals glaucoma changes in the optic nerve.’ Hospital staff are committed to serving marginalised people such as the poor and leprosy patients. This ground-breaking equipment will help dedicated workers as they reach out to the wider community.