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At Siloam, we believe that education is as important as meeting the practical needs of the people we work with. We are pleased to offer a range of educational teaching and activity materials to help explain some key issues affecting poverty around the world. To access the materials, please click on the text highlighted in bold below.


Anti-slavery Educational Study

  1. Designed for individuals who want to make a difference, ‘Wanted: Freedom Fighters’ provides materials for discovering simple ways to effectively combat slavery.

Anti-slavery Educational Materials for Young People

  1. ‘Help to Free Slaves!’ is about raising awareness of slavery and how to deal with the horrific situations that people find themselves involved in. This educational material is specifically designed to engage children and young people in the issues of slavery. It is suitable for individual children or for a group, creating the opportunity for further discussion and projects.

  2. Designed to motivate teenagers, the ‘I See You’ educational material aims to encourage young people to combat slavery on the basis of biblical precepts. This resource is ideal for a church groupor individual teenager, creating the opportunity for further discussion and projects.

Pro-life Materials for Children and Young People

  1. Communicating the wonder of God’s loving care to children, the Before you were born educational material. It is suitable for individual children or for group use.

  2. Underscoring the sanctity of life, Your first nine months of life... aims to help teenagers appreciate the value God places on people of every age. This resource is suitable for individual teenagers or for group use.


Plays and Sketches

We would like to introduce our range of plays and sketches, helping to bring to life the issues faced by Siloam on a daily basis.

  1. A Christmas play with a difference, Love In Action briefly presents practical issues relevant to biblical faith as well as a nativity celebration. This family presentation lends itself to flexibility so that churches or groups could use many people of varied ages or fewer individuals.

  2. This dramatic Palm Sunday sketch God Uses Children was written for two children who originally performed it in a home setting with a few simple properties such as a drummer's stick for a "microphone". It can be adapted to include more children for group/church use.

When taking part in a play and/or a sketch, as a church or individual, you may consider making a donation to help support our work. You can specify a particular project, that is currently dealing with the issues raised above or make a general donation to support our work.

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