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001: General Funds
002: Project Portugal
006: Children's Home in the Philippines
009: Sight-saving ministry in India
010: Love in Action - Ghana
011: Soup Kitchen – Botswana
013: Light of Hope Mission
017: Leamington Christian Mission
018: Steph Devlin’s book about the homeless
021: Children's ministry in India
022: Child sponsorship in Kenya -
Blessed Generation

023: Child sponsorship in Kenya - C.C.I.
024: Child sponsorship in Uganda
025: Friends of Lar-de-Betania - Portugal
026: Aid to Vietnam
031: Guine-Bissau
032: Helping the Church in Pakistan
037: Children's bible camps
038: Christmas parcels for Portugal
039: Christmas outreach for Bulgaria
040: Siloam Trans-Aid
042: Deaf children in Kenya
043: Child sponsorship in Vietnam
045: Child sponsorship in India
046: Gospel ministry in India
047: Maj-Lis' ministry in Portugal
050: Love to the Needy – Israel
051: Life Net India's regular budget
053: Decade Ministries - Bible-based visual aids
054: ‘Wake up!’ End time book
065: Haitian Food Programme
066: Asian Tsunami Disaster Response
067: Critical Care project - India
068: Clinic in Olankasurai - Kenya
069: Medical Ministry in India
070: Philippines Evangelists
071: Survival Packs - Mexico
072: Survival Packs - Kenya
073: Survival Packs - Uganda
074: Survival Packs - India
075: Child sponsorship in China
076: Christian Ministry in Peru
077: Gift for sponsored children in Vietnam
078: Gift for sponsored children in India
079: Gift for sponsored children at Blessed Generation in Kenya
080: Gift for sponsored CCW children in Kenya
081: Gift for sponsored children in Portugal
082: His Majesty’s Christian Academy – Philippines
083: Outreach to Kenya’s Needy Children
084: Helping Destitute Children in Kenya
085: Biblical Training for Christian Leaders in Kenya
089: South Africa - Emmersons
090: Siloam’s Christian character building programme
091: Survival Packs - Peru
092: Wheels of Life (School in a Cart)

siloamOUR COMMISSION: is to do the kind of Christian work outlined in Mathew 9:35-38.

"Jesus travelled through all the cities and villages of that area, teaching in the synagogues and announcing the good news about the Kingdom. And wherever He went, He healed people of every sort of disease and illness. He felt great pity for the crowds that came, because their problems were so great and they didn't know where to go for help. They were like sheep without a Shepherd. He said to His disciples," The Harvest is so great, but the workers are so few."…

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Urgent Appeal in Kenya

Pastor Peter Bevz has been leading camps in Ukraine now for more than 20 years

and has seen many young people come to Christ through the Bible camp ministry
Last year we again shared the camp with a group of physically challenged children to give them an opportunity experiencing a Bible camp holiday among their 'unchallenged' peers.
Plenty of good food is a vital ingredient of a successful children's Bible camp. Many of the children from deprived backgrounds in the area of Chernigov don't enjoy such wholesome food at home.


Decade Ministries all age bible visual resources

Bible-based visual aids ideal for family services, school assemblies and evangelistic outreach.

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