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Kids club on the farm Our Christian Character Development Programme takes place as an extra curriculum activity after school. Committed Christian teachers impart Christ like character traits and attributes at the end of the school day.

Kids club on the farmEdwin Maina was a school bully. He abused other children physically and verbally. He was wild and reckless, never listened to his teachers and was unconcerned about his future.

Kids club on the farm

President of Childcare Worldwide, Siloam’s partner in ministry Dr Max Lange, sharing his vision with the younger generation in Kenya.

Children take responsability for siblingsTeachers sharing with eager responsive children.

Christian Character Attributes

Truthfulness, Self control, Hospitality, Faithfulness, Knowledge, Responsibility, Patience, Loyalty, Courage Obedience, Diligence /Perseverance, Meekness, Honesty/fairness, Respect, Love, Flexibility, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Thankfulness, Dependability, Discernment, Generosity, Sincerity, Understanding, Creativity, Wisdom, Compassion.

Dear Christian friends
Recently, Elizabeth a young mother brought her little girl to our office in Kenya, crying as she told her story of struggle. “I just brought Mary to the clinic, Elizabeth sobbed, she has a high fever and really needs help. But, the doctor won’t help her unless I pay the office manager 50 shillings first. I just don’t have that kind of money! What do we do? Can you please help?”

What a sad story! While it is hard to imagine something like this happening in our life, it is not at all unusual in Kenya. The fact is, the average Kenyan family has to pay 16 bribes a month just to live a ‘normal’ life! What would you do if you lived in a society like Kenya, where you were expected to pay bribes you could ill afford for important things like a doctor’s visit for your sick child?

Bribes are required for almost everything in Kenya but, bribes are not the real problem, they are merely a symptom of an overall root problem of corruption. Corruption permeates and affects every aspect of life in Kenya and seems to be devouring the nation, but we believe there is hope for the future.

Our hope lies in the next generation. Kenya’s youth comprises over 70% of the population – which is a powerful majority. A majority that, if educated in the values of Christian character traits would start making a positive difference, eventually transforming the whole society. But how can we reach Kenyan children and teach them the right way to go before it’s too late?

Many of the educational leaders in Kenya firmly believe that our Christian Character Development (C.C.D) is the key to a national mindset transformation. The concept of C.C.D is simple. Teachers introduce positive, Christ centered character building principles, and children use them to make positive character decisions, that will affect their lives, their future family lives and in time their entire society. It’s a simple practical model that only requires modest funding for curriculum supplies and a little extra compensation for the teachers. This is a small price to pay for long term widespread national mindset transformation.

The C.C.D programme is already making an incredible impact on the lives of children like Edwin Maina (pictured left) with his bible. Edwin used to be known as the class bully but the C.C.D programme has totally transformed his life. When Edwin first began attending the extra curriculum classes, he was extremely sceptical as he was with everything else in his life but he soon began to realise that he lacked Christian character traits in his own life. Suddenly, it dawned on him what he was missing out on and he became very interested in C.C.D and started practicing what he had learnt not just at school but also at home. Progressively, Edwin’s life started to change and everyone began to notice. Edwin became gentle, obedient, willing to forgive and loving. He took his life seriously and his studies improved and eventually he was appointed head boy, the highest position of pupil leadership at his school.

Now, Edwin wants to become a pastor and has a desire to tell more and more people about his Christian character building experience and also share his new found faith in Jesus Christ. Edwin believes that the C.C.D programme should be taught everywhere not just in his own school but to everyone.

The question is “How can you help affect young lives like Edwin’s?” Since we have had such a positive response from so many educational leaders in Kenya, we have a wonderful opportunity granted to us right now to expand the C.C.D programme all over the nation as well as in Uganda and India. Beatrice Adu the Director of Education for the Rift Valley province, the largest in Kenya has said that “Christian character development will revolutionize Kenya!”

For just £10.00 a month, you could help transform the lives of 50 children, for £20.00 you could affect 100 young lives. Just think of all the future leaders the Christian character building programme could produce. Consider the ways those leaders may influence their society in a positive way. We pray that years down the road, children like Mary will not have to pay bribes to visit the doctor – or for anything else. It is our hope that godly Christian character traits will replace the culture of corruption at present so rife in Kenya.

The question now is “Would you like to play a part in helping Siloam implement this programme that could change a generation and in time, an entire nation?”

Your gift sent today could possibly influence the heart of a future world leader. Because you cared enough to contribute this month, future generations of Kenya, Uganda and India could well be positively changed for the better.

Yours sincerely on behalf of children in Kenya and elsewhere who desire to be free of corruption

Richard Norton
Director-Siloam UK

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