Project 085 - Biblical Training for Christian Leaders in Kenya

100% of all donations to this project go to the biblical training of christian leaders in Kenya. All costs and administration expenses are met from a separate fund and/or ‘Gift Aid’ contributions.

Dear Friends,

Grace Church was established in Kabiria in June 2013. The work was begun by reformed believing Kenyans, their ultimate purpose to glorify God in the spreading of the gospel and teaching sound doctrinal truths from His Word. Kabiria (not to be confused with Kibera) is an area in Kwangware (the second largest slum in Nairobi). It is a very needy place both physically and spiritually. People are often desperate and reach out to all sorts of beliefs and faiths to ease their difficult lives – including witchcraft and spiritism. The challenge is great but the ‘fields are white to harvest’.

Paul Musembi, the Pastor of the church, seeks to see souls saved and also to build up the saints with a deeper understanding of the riches that can be found in Christ Jesus. Sadly, Christianity in Kenya can often be very wide but very shallow, not truly penetrating the daily lives of the people and their personal walk with the Lord. One of the areas of outreach the church focuses on is Biblical Training.

The Biblical Training takes the form of conferences held 3 times a year. Pastors and church leaders are drawn from all walks of life (many from slum areas, some inner city and others travel in from ‘upcountry’). They are from a range of backgrounds and denominations. It is so encouraging to see them hungry for the Word and a wonderful opportunity to teach them the truths of God’s grace, mercy, sovereignty etc and help them gain a greater understanding of the gospel they believe. They are also taught practical ways of sharing this back in their own churches and demonstrating to their flock a love for the Lord who has done so much for them. Seminars and discussion groups are also held where topical issues can be looked at and the importance of pastoral care for the flock is emphasised. Pastors and church leaders need to see the vital link between good teaching and nurturing those under their care on a one to one basis. At these conferences good Christian literature and study books are given out free of charge. These Pastors have so little access to sound books and often can’t afford them anyway. It is also a good opportunity for people to get together and share similar problems or encouragements they have had in their fellowship, particularly for those in more remote areas. When financially able, we send reformed Pastors from the UK to help lead and preach at these conferences.

Please pray for the Pastors and church leaders of Kenya, that they will be given a deeper understanding of the great truths of God’s Word and a desire to see their own congregations drawn closer to our blessed Saviour.

We praise the Lord for the work taking place in Kabiria and pray it will all be to His honour and glory. The UK representatives for this project receive a weekly email, updating them on current progress and issues. All donations given to this project are put into the care of the UK representatives who guarantee that 100% of it is spent on that for which it is specifically donated.


Leaders receiving Biblical Training

Grace Baptist Church, Kabiria

Paul Musembi, the Pastor of the church and his team

Biblical training in action