Project 084 Helping Destitute Children in Kenya

Happy faces at By Grace Orphanage.

Mary is an orphan, she lost both her parents to HIV. She is 12 years old, studying well and has been at By Grace for 2 years.

James is 8 years old, he is at By Grace with his sister Anne who is aged 11.

Children in the grounds of By Grace with one of their teachers.

Boys stand with pride next to their new beds and curtains.

Henry, aged 7, arrived at By Grace 2 years ago, very weak and ill with HIV, TB and Pneumonia. Through medication, careful diet and lots of love he is now much stronger and able to lead a more normal life.

100% of all donations to this project go to Kenya’s Needy children. All costs and administration expenses are met from a separate fund and/or ‘Gift Aid’ contributions..

‘Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress...’ James 1:27

Dear Friends

‘By Grace’ Children’s Christian Home was started in February 2005 to cater for orphans and destitute children in Kenya, some of whom have contracted HIV.

It aims to bring up the children in a safe and Christian environment, aiming to meet their physical, social and spiritual needs. It is run as a family home, by two very caring and devoted Christian parents, where children feel wanted, valued and loved. There are 15 children living in the home, ranging from 6 years to 16 years. All of these children have their own desperate story to tell, prior to coming to ‘By Grace’.

As well as being a secure and spiritual home, ‘By Grace’ also educates the children. It has 2 teachers, one of whom is Edith, and a voluntary assistant for the 20 children. (5 children from outside attend the school as day students).

The home is situated in Kibiko, Ngong in Kajiando district, Rift Valley Province. Ngong is approximately 25km from Nairobi city.

It costs approximately £30 a month to home and educate each child. Currently there are no regular donors outside of the home.

Alongside daily running costs, transport is a huge issue. The home is situated 2km from the nearest market and is not on a bus route. This causes problems and great expense for bringing in food, resources and learning materials. It also hinders ferrying children to hospital (particularly those with HIV who need regular visits). ‘By Grace’ would benefit greatly if it owned a minibus. Not only would daily needs and hospital visits be eased, but the children could be taken out on educational and social visits. At present they are in the home 24/7! To purchase/import a bus will cost approximately £7000. The school is also looking to employ another trained teacher to cater for the age spread in the school and ensure all children are taught to a high standard. This will cost £960 a year.

‘By Grace’ Children’s Home is visited 4 times a year by UK representatives to ensure the well being of the children and the running of the home and school. All the children and their backgrounds are well known to these representatives and they take a keen interest in the development of each one. All donations given to this project are put into the care of the UK representatives who guarantee that 100% of it is spent on the physical and spiritual well being of these destitute children.

Please pray for the children at ‘By Grace’, and for their foster parents and teachers, that the Lord will uphold them and that all in the home will know His presence in a special way.

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Joseph takes a moment from his studies to pose for a photograph. He is 15 and needs extra help with his work but always has a smile on his face.

Testing out the new beds for comfort!

Mary is achieving very well in her studies, she particularly enjoys writing.

Peris at her school desk in By Grace working hard. She has no father. Her mother is extremely ill and unable to take care of her.

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