Project 083 - Outreach to Kenya’s Needy Children

100% of all donations to this project go to Kenya’s Needy children. All costs and administration expenses are met from a separate fund and/or ‘Gift Aid’ contributions..

Dear Friends,

Grace Church was established in Kabiria in June 2013. The work was begun by reformed believing Kenyans, their ultimate purpose to glorify God in the spreading of the gospel and teaching sound doctrinal truths from His Word. Kabiria (not to be confused with Kibera) is an area in Kwangware (the second largest slum in Nairobi). It is a very needy place both physically and spiritually. People are often desperate and reach out to all sorts of beliefs and faiths to ease their difficult lives – including witchcraft and spiritism. The challenge is great but the ‘fields are white to harvest’.

Paul Musembi, the Pastor of the church, seeks to see souls saved and also to build up the saints with a deeper understanding of the riches that can be found in Christ Jesus. Sadly, Christianity in Kenya can often be very wide but very shallow, not truly penetrating the daily lives of the people and their personal walk with the Lord. One of the areas of outreach focused on is children’s ministry.

Children’s ministry is ongoing throughout the year. As well as the usual Sunday School, there is a vast work happening in schools. Both Primary and Secondary schools are visited every week in the form of assemblies and Bible classes where up to 500 children hear the great truths of the gospel. Many of these have received their own bibles to take and use at home. The schools are very open to Grace Church going in and we praise God for this golden opportunity to witness for Him on a regular basis. Schools close 3 times a year – a time for Paul and his team to put up their feet and rest – but no, this is when they hold VBS (Vacation Bible School) at the church. They open up the building for 4 days where children attend Bible classes, activities and are given lunch. Children are often shut out of the house and left roaming the streets in holiday time, while parents try to find work. They love to have VBS to attend and will come all day, well over 100 of them, making it a very tiring and yet rewarding time.

We praise the Lord for the work taking place in Kabiria and pray it will all be to His honour and glory. The UK representatives for this project receive a weekly email, updating them on current progress and issues. All donations given to this project are put into the care of the UK representatives who guarantee that 100% of it is spent on that for which it is specifically donated.

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‘Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.’ Matthew 18:5

Dear Friends

This project was started in July 2008 to reach out to local slum children and also street children of the Kawangware area within Nairobi. Kawangware is the second largest slum in Nairobi with over 1/2 million people, 80% of whom are under the age of 18. Most of these people live in tin shacks or single roomed concrete tenement blocks. These shacks and rooms rarely have water or electricity, and measure no more than 2 1/2 metres square. In this room, families cook, eat, live and sleep. There are also a huge number of people who are even less fortunate and are living on the street. These children whether on the street, in a tin shack or in a tenement block, need the love of Jesus Christ and basic daily necessities.

Injili Bible Church, in the heart of Kawangware, runs a specific club for children on Sundays. Many children have been drawn to the church by the love and care shown to them, demonstrated in their whole day attendance! The children attend the early morning Bible study and then the main church service. After this, they have lunch at the church and then stay for the 2 hour afternoon session which is specifically for children. Within just 2 months of the project, the church is drawing in over 60 children. Church members regularly visit the children’s homes to speak to their parents about the love of Christ.

During the week, the church also reaches out to a group of street children: feeding them, listening to their needs, playing football and above all sharing with them the saving message of Jesus Christ. This is a crucial work as, sadly, street children tend to be left behind when it comes to charities helping children in Kenya.

To provide Sunday lunch and Sunday school materials for these slum children costs around £35 weekly. The street children work, which includes food, medication and literature, amounts to £40 weekly.

‘Outreach to Kenya’s Needy Children’ is visited 4 times a year by UK representatives who get involved in the work and meet the children in the church and on the street. A weekly email is also sent to the representatives, updating them on current progress and issues. All donations given to this project are put into the care of the UK representatives who guarantee that 100% of it is spent on the physical and spiritual well being of these needy children.

Please pray for the Injili Bible church as it seeks to minister to the very large population of slum children and street children within the area of Kawangware.


Teaching children about the bible in schools

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Grace Church, Kabiria

Pastor Paul and his family

Sharing the bible in Primary and Secondary Schools