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Emergency Appeal for Drought Victims

In Africa, famine, starvation and death take their toll of the weakest as our Childcare Worldwide (CCW) partners report…

Help is needed now!

This is the 4th year of drought conditions in Baringo, Kenya, and the land is parched. The creeks and rivers have run dry. There’s no food. And not nearly enough water.

People in the hardest-hit areas are farmers and herders who raise cows and goats. But as the ground dried up, so did all of the pasture land. By now, most of the animals have died off and people have grown increasingly desperate.

In many areas, families have resorted to foraging for food. Unfortunately, one of the few plants that grows in these dry conditions is a cactus with poisonous seeds. Families are boiling this toxic fruit for 12 hours at a time, hoping to get rid of the poison. Despite the risk, they eat it anyway because there is nothing else.

The few animals that are left are prized commodities. So much so, that security fears are growing quickly. Cattle rustling is becoming more common, as men resort to violence as they steal cows from neighbouring communities. There are fears this could spark tribal violence as different people groups struggle to survive.

It’s so bad the Kenyan government has declared a national emergency….but they don’t have the resources to save everyone. But if you act quickly, you can help!

Give Emergency Food Packs today to rescue children and families suffering from this terrible famine!


Will you join us in praying for Kenya? This drought is devastating. And the rains are not predicted to come for another month at the earliest. Please pray that God will lead our staff to the families who need them most. Pray for safety as our staff travel roads frequented by bandits and cattle rustlers. And pray for the rains to come soon.

Kenya Appeal

Children are suffering because many crops are failing due to the drought

Kenya Appeall2

River beds are dry due to no rain

Kenya Appeal 3

Many children will suffer without the help of emergency food packs