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"Love to the Needy" is a Messianic ministry (established by Haim Barak in 1997) providing food, clothing, baby products and other goods to needy families, non-profit organizations and Messianic congregations across Israel. We have one office staff and one field worker, in addition to Haim, the Founder and Director. Friends from the local Messianic congregation help us with technical support and delivering food baskets to needy families.

For the last four years the distribution of food to desperately poor families has brought much needed relief particularly to immigrant workers who find jobs in care homes looking after the sick, disabled and the elderly. Workers in this sector sadly receive poor wages as others do in many other countries.

Love to Needy pic 2Chaim Barak the Director of 'Love to the Needy' visits the homes along with other volunteers helping the children to have a better quality of life and a more positive outlook.

Many of these workers coming from Ethiopia like Trapa Tajha are actually living on the breadline. Although they receive a little social assistance, it's not really sufficient to keep body and soul together.

Please help Siloam to provide for these vulnerable children and give them a better future. Try to focus on one child when you consider how much you could give, your gift will really make a difference!

In the cold winter months gifts of small electric heaters have been very much appreciated as the concrete blocks in which these immigrants live offer little insulation against the long cold nights. Not only the elderly are grateful for the warmth provided, young children and their single mothers also appreciate gifts of heaters to be used during the winter nights.

Love to the needy pic3One of the projects currently being expanded, is to help children who are growing up in poverty, many of whom are immigrants, be assisted with their school homework to empower them to fit in with the indigenous Israeli community. It seems that many of these children unless helped, will be trapped in a continuing cycle of poverty, their lot will be to follow a road that will perpetuate their impoverished parents' sad state. Siloam would like to assist 'Love to the Needy' so that together we can focus on the younger generation in the immigrant families and give them a secure future and a bright hope.

If you would like to be kept in regular touch with 'Love to the Needy' please let us know your email address so we can add you to a special list of caring friends who are interested in 'Love to the Needy – Israel' and you will receive regular updates from the founder Chaim Barak.

Thank you letter

Dear friends of 'Love to the Needy'
Thank you with all my heart. I am a single mother with four children aged 2, 6, 9 and 14. I arrived in Israel from Ethiopia on 3rd April 2012. We are living in the absorption centre known as 'Bait Canada' in Ashkelon. I live on a monthly subsistence allowance and from that I have to pay for everything. It's very hard to get by and it's difficult for me to find work as I still have much trouble mastering the Hebrew language. This year will be the first time my older children will go to school and the younger ones to kindergarten. You have given us a great gift and the children and I are very grateful. We were so happy because now with the school bags that you provided and the other school supplies, they will be just like all the other children and feel that they actually belong.

I would like to take time to thank you for giving this gift of joy and providing hope for my children whom I trust will do well at school.

Thank you.
Trapa Tajha