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Giving food and hope at Christmas time in Bulgaria, a practical expression of your Christian love.

"As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith" Galatians 6:10

Many are becoming anxious about the possible flood of economic migrants coming from Bulgaria and Romania next year. Without going into the politics about whether it is right for these folk to come to England which many believe to be an already overcrowded island, I want to take a little of your time to focus upon the needs of the most vulnerable in Bulgaria this Christmas.

Bulgaria is a country with a population of around 8 million which is diminishing due to the high abortion rate because folk do not want to bring babies into the world as Bulgaria has high unemployment and there is little immediate hope of any improvement. To make matters worse, many English people are travelling to Bulgaria enjoying holidays on the Black Sea coast but then buying up properties and land in Bulgaria as holiday homes!

For more than 12 years Siloam has co-operated with Pastor Peter Georgiev of the New Testament Church of Christ in the city of Rousse situated on the Danube on the northern border with Romania. When I first visited Bulgaria in the winter of 1996, I travelled round with Peter and his wife and the Church Secretary Donka to wholesalers and farms to buy the contents for our first Christmas parcels. That experience has never left me as we trudged about in the deep snow packing bags of groceries for poor believers who were to be blessed by receiving a token of Christian kindness that Christmas.

Now Peter and his team rely on us each year to help provide for over a 1000 people in more than 20 churches throughout Bulgaria.

This year I am offering you our free DVD which will show you graphically the 2005 programme funded by many of our supporters who were responsible for bringing Christmas cheer to the old, the young and the invalid in this forgotten corner of southeast Europe.

Last year Peter Georgiev received our ministry gift grant of £6,000.00 on 18th December to spend on his outreach programme.

1,100 food parcels for the church believers in 22 churches cost £3,719.00. For 130 invalids £464.00 was also spent on sugar, rice, lentils, macaroni, tuna fish, yellow cheese, sausage, corn flour and margarine.

Two of the churches were far away so the parcels had to be sent by train with a church worker and some Pastors of other towns came to Rousse to collect their church gifts.

In one new village, parcels were given out for the first time and 11 people listened to the gospel and responded positively. Most of the people in this location are from a gipsy background but the gospel of Jesus Christ reaches out to all and if a person is well fed, then they are more responsive to the gospel.

Some of the greatest blessings for the church workers were received when they visited the invalids. They visited 34 ‘shut ins’ in their own homes although the team also visited two old people’s institutions where there were over 130 folk being looked after.

One lady Rita had been bedridden for more than 19 years, another Rada infirm for 9 years. Their eyes were full of tears when the church visitors came to them with parcels of groceries. They just could not believe that they had been chosen to receive a Christmas parcel. Even though there is much sorrow in Bulgaria particularly among the old and vulnerable, Peter Georgiev’s church brought light, hope and encouragement.

650 children received Christmas gifts and when the church team visited an orphanage, they not only gave gifts to the children but also provided food used for several months during the harsh winter. The children were very happy and enjoyed the nativity plays, Christian songs and carols as well as snacks given out at the end of the Christmas presentation.

Our DVD will show you much more so please return the coupon below and just ask for one and if you don’t have a DVD yourself, take it to someone nearby who I am sure will let you. view it. Your gift of £35.00 could help us provide 10 Christmas food parcels for believers and invalids. A gift of £7.50 will provide 10 Christmas gifts for the children.

All the church workers are volunteers although last year they spent £200.00 on transport and there was £250.00 left over enough to help rebuild a desperate widow’s home in the village of Basarbovo. (Please ask us to send you photo

Whatever you can afford this month will I can assure you bring much happiness for the old, the sick and the ‘shut ins’ in Bulgaria.

I know wthat when I spend money on gifts for others, my own Christmas is greatly enriched, I can assure you that nowhere will your money go further than in the small poverty stricken nation of Bulgaria.

What more can I say, I need you to support this ministry right now and be as generous as our supporters were last year and put smiles on the faces of people suffering after 50+ years of communism and more latterly the hardships of a fledgling democracy in which the rich seemingly get richer and the poor are forgotten.

Yours sincerely on behalf of Peter Georgiev and his church team

Richard Norton, Director-Siloam UK

P.S. Please send for the DVD and help us to motivate others to use this Christmas outreach as a vehicle for the Gospel in Bulgaria.

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