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Reaching underprivileged children in Poland


Our Bible camps in Poland are hosted by Pastor Marek and his wife Iwona Ciak. This dedicated couple who live in Goldap on the northeast corner of Poland have been associated with Siloam for many years since the time we gave them hospitality in our former mission house when they came to practice their English after a time at Bible College.

Although Poland is a growing economy and the people are extremely hardworking as witnessed by many of us who know them as neighbours and colleagues, there is a vast spiritual hunger which many try to fill with the temporary relief that alcohol and drugs can bring. Siloam takes this opportunity to minister to youngsters in Poland by making it possible for Marek and Iwona Ciak to organise children’s Bible camps. Our brochure with this article features photos from our 2018 camp in the Carpathian Mountains which is on the southern border of Poland at Piwniczna Zdroj. The train journey was over 300 miles to the south, followed by 87 miles in a bus so the 67 children and the 12 helpers travelled with great anticipation that the long journey would be worth it.

Taking children away from their negative home situations and providing a break in a Christian atmosphere which our Bible camps afford, attempt to rescue young people from a lost eternity by bringing them into a personal confrontation with the life-changing gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Siloam knows of no better way to prevent a child from becoming addicted to alcohol or entrapped in narcotics than to expose them to a far more positive side of life which can be shown to them briefly during a Bible camp. Each morning there were times of devotions before breakfast, followed by a period when the leadership team could impart some spiritual truth into the young lives entrusted to them. The theme of the camp was ‘The Son’s Mountain’ which tried to show in a very graphic and pictorial way how to get wisdom needed for everyday life including the skills and abilities which are so helpful when dealing with conflicts. The intention was to show the youngsters another side of life which could be enjoyed if their lives were surrendered to the Saviour. Each one of these precious young souls could later turn out to be a
Christian politician or teacher or someone who could exercise great influence in Poland’s future.

We know from past testimonies that lives have indeed been changed and volunteer helpers often witness the dramatic change in a youngster’s life after they have committed themselves to following Jesus Christ. Each camp place costs £6.35 per day per child which we believe is a wise investment in the Kingdom of God. Altogether, the camp was funded by Siloam supporters who donated £4,000.00 so that 67 youngsters and the hosting team of 12 could arrange this programme which we know can have a dramatic effect on many of the youngsters who attended the camp.

The photos in our brochure which really ‘speak volumes’ as they say, and give you some idea of the activities enjoyed last summer. Siloam believes by interspersing spiritual input together with challenging sport activities and outside recreation, we can minister to the whole child or young person. By giving the opportunity to enjoy handicrafts such as pottery, as well as visiting places of interest and seeing new sites and places of beauty help to give a youngster a positive attitude of themselves and build up their self-worth as they come to realise they can indeed become sons and daughters of the Living God. Please take time also to look at our prayer budget card under Poland Update Snapshot on this page which will challenge you with how much Siloam hopes to raise this summer to fund this camp in Poland as well as others in the Ukraine, Peru, Romania and Bulgaria.

There really is no better way you could invest £100 or £50, £25 or even just £10, than to enable one or more youngsters to attend one of our Bible camps this

Please pray before you invest and ask the Holy Spirit to challenge you as to how much you should share with Siloam to reach the lives of these vulnerable youngsters we seek to win for the Kingdom of God. I will be praying for your positive response and your committed partnership in the forthcoming harvest.

To give, please click on the paypal link at the top of this page or send a cheque to Siloam Christian Ministries | FREEPOST | Box 4198 | Leamington Spa | CV31 9BP. Please make all your donations payable to: Siloam Christian Ministries




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Poland Update Snapshot


Seventy children and teenagers took part in last year’s camp on the southern border of Poland with Slovakia.


Learning by example and practical illustration is an important way to
teach young people biblical truth. Here an enactment of
Jesus washing the disciple’s feet gave a practical example
of sharing Christian love to those we seek to win for Christ.

poland budget

Poland 2019 Prayer Budget Card