Project 032 – Helping the church is Pakistan

Traveller children in the Sindh province one of the poorest areas of Pakistan.

This household has 5 children and the father is unable to send the children to school so Rose and Joseph help them financially.

This poor school in Sindh province doesn’t even have proper buildings so classes are conducted under the shade of the trees. There are no desks or chairs or even basic facilities such as a toilet or drinking water. The teacher sits with his students on the floor.

This is a sewing centre outside Faisalabad where girls with no skills or education come to learn sewing. They can also socialise with other girls and have fellowship as there is no freedom for them normally to leave their homes. Some of these girls work in wealthy households as cleaners. Girls who attend these sewing centres are both Muslims and Christians.

Joseph and Rose provide equipment such as stationery, schoolbags, books and uniforms for some students like in this school at Lahore. At Christmas and Easter, Rose and Joseph provide presents consisting of toys and fruit. In many cases our co-workers are paying the school fees as most of these families live in utter poverty. It is often a choice of either being able to feed the children or educate them. Many parents are unable to provide both which is why so many children are forced to leave school.

Siloam is pleased to support the work of Joseph and Rose Barkat and the ‘Footsteps Ministry in Pakistan’.

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Our co-workers have been in touch with Rose and Joseph for sometime and we are happy to endorse their work and recommend it for the support of Christians in Pakistan.

Meeting the criteria that Siloam has for using education, medical aid, social and other relief as an expression of God’s love, we are happy to work with this couple and expose their ministry to our readership.

If you would like to invite Joseph and Rose Barkat to come and speak at your church, please email them so they can put you on their itinerary next time they are visiting the UK is josephbarkat46@hotmail.com.

Gifts for the ‘Footsteps Ministry of Pakistan’ can be forwarded by cheque or postal order to Siloam Christian Ministries or even donated by PayPal if you prefer to give online.

The ministry is reaching the poorest of the poorest in Pakistan helping children who are working in the brick kilns as well as assisting young ladies who have been abused by Muslim employers helping them to be trained in sewing so they can earn a living and support themselves.

Widows and poor families are also supported as and when funds allow.

Pastors are also assisted as they suffer persecution working in Pakistan as they endeavour to bring folk to the faith of Jesus Christ.

This is a ministry really helping folk in a country which has a very bad Press and where Christians are not only overlooked but discriminated against.

Both Rose and Joseph were trained at the Continental Bible University in Brussels, Belgium and also have undergone missionary training at Mattersey Hall Bible College in England. God gave them a great burden for their home country of Pakistan so after living for some years in the UK and running their own business they decided to return to Lahore and assist their own people.

Siloam Christian Ministries commend this work to you if you have a desire and a heart to help people in Pakistan.

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