Life Centre Advocates, Peru - Project 018

A Life Centre is a children’s activity which takes place usually in church halls or churches themselves where children come together to learn about the Bible and where they can come to understand more about the Christian message and learn how they can receive the gift of eternal life.

So who attends a Life group?

The children are recruited as part of the C.C.W child sponsorship programme which provides for family support and higher educational opportunities when the children require it for further study or sponsorship in a trade school. Usually 40 children come together under the supervision of qualified, vetted staff who also know and
visit the children in their homes so they can understand their personal situations more clearly.

Where are the children’s Life Centres situated?

The Life Centres are situated near evangelical churches where pastors and other church co-workers can have a regular input to the individual lives of the children they are endeavouring to reach for Jesus Christ.

When do the children attend Life Centres?

The children come along on a Saturday morning weekly or once a fortnight usually for around 3 hours and during this time they are fed with a nourishing meal, play games, take part in recreation, drama and learn Christian character traits from the C.C.D programme taught by the leaders.

Why are Life Centres so important then?

Siloam and its partner’s in this project: 018, Childcare Worldwide, believe that as most of these children have no knowledge of the Christian faith, we need to reach them before they are influenced in a negative way to prevent them from becoming addicted to drugs, alcohol and tobacco and leading lifestyles which can be physically harmful and spiritually dangerous. As these children have had little or no contact with a church because often they come from single parent families who have escaped poverty and internal unrest in other parts of Peru, they have had little or no opportunity to hear the gospel or have anyone explain to them that God has an
individual plan and purpose for each of their lives.

So what do you want Life Centre Advocates to do?

From the experience and success we have learned from our children’s Bible camps, we know that we have to reach the hearts and minds of youngsters before their ideas and habits get firmed up usually before the age of 18. Advocates will provide the prayer support and the finances to fund these extra curricular activities which obviously cost money. We need funds to pay for overseeing staff, teaching materials, nourishing food and other incidental expenses. We would very much
like an Advocate to invest £10 per month so we can adequately fund children we are trying to reach with the gospel.

The programme is still being refined which is why we are inviting you now to invest with us so that you can be part of the rich harvest which we are sure will follow in the coming days. In this leaflet below, we have featured about the Life Centres wehave seen and experienced in Peru but other similar programmes will also be refined and developed in Kenya, India and Uganda as time goes on. Just think of it, for just £10 a month you can have an opportunity of changing the destiny of a child’s life which could help them to perhaps turn out to be a Christian lawyer, teacher, politician or social worker who will in turn convey the Christian message to others.

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Life Advocates

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Want to make a donation by bank transfer? 

We would welcome larger donations by bank transfer to save PayPal fees. To make a donation, please log onto your bank online or call them and use the following details to make a payment:

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Life Centre Teacher

Life Centres are run by paid co-ordinators and many volunteers who are currently vetted by the Social Services and equipped to share the gospel on a one-to-one basis and corporately with the children who participate in our programme.

Life Centre Groups

Many of these children would be at a ‘loose end’ on Saturdays were it not for the C.C.W teams that minister to them and try to impart Christian knowledge and truth.


Providing a nourishing meal is part of the programme, here you can see bananas purchased in bulk, being transported to the various Life Centres around Comas, a distant suburb of Lima in Peru.


The children, usually in groups of around 40, enjoy this nutritious meal which builds them up physically which in turn helps them study well not just on a Saturday morning but generally.