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The ‘Light of Hope Mission’ prayer hall in Cheppad – Kerala. This is the headquarters of the mission where Pappy Daniel resides and also has his office as well as the ground floor prayer hall for church ministry.

Inside the prayer hall with a Sunday evening meeting in progress.

Helping boys to learn how to use a computer keyboard enables them to be trained as computer operators. The boys do use computers in their general studies at school but only for very short periods as they have to share. This facility offers extra computer tuition after school hours.

The Tabitha Stitching Centre offers girls and young women the opportunity to learn tailoring. The girls can then become proficient in the skills of using sewing machines, enabling them to work and support themselves. 15 tailoring machines are presently available for the ladies come and go throughout the day to fit in with their domestic arrangements. – (use extra signboard photo).

Homework clubs are undertaken in the unfinished building which is technically safe and does give adequate shade and enables the children to have the extra lessons that will help them to succeed at school.

News from the Light of Hope Mission

Greetings from India!  Children celebrate Independence Day.

The Indian Independence Day was celebrated on 15th August with flag hoisting, pledges of allegiance and with a morning procession through the local streets by our hostel children.  In the evening, there were short dramas and skits followed by singing and a display of dancing by our children.  Afterwards all the children and staff were taken out to be treated to an evening meal.

Trip to an amusement park

During the summer holidays all the children and staff were taken to an amusement park at Cochin, known to be one of the best in Asia.  They all very much enjoyed the whole day’s outing.

Pleasure trip through Lake Vembanad

While the Montana kids and Sunday school teachers were with us, the whole group of children and our staff workers were taken for a day trip on a big houseboat through the large lake of Vembanad.  Those on board were blessed with worship singing and a display of dancing.  The children and staff also enjoyed a meal while onboard the vessel.  What an awesome time for all!

The children have now taken their first quarterly examinations of the school year which began in June and they are now awaiting the results.

The Onam festival evangelistic outreaches were conducted during September 16th and 17th.   Large quantities of gospel literature were distributed.  Please pray for a positive harvest.

The forces of darkness are feverishly fighting to discourage us from conducting our children’s ministry and our evangelistic outreaches.  The enemy is also attacking us on the financial front.

We do covet your continual prayers and financial support and we are trusting the Lord for a total victory in the name of Jesus Christ.

In His abundant grace,

Pappy Daniel

P.S.    Any support you would like to send to help Pappy Daniel and his ministry can be forwarded via our website or PayPal to Siloam Christian Ministries.  Please mark your gift for project 013 – Light of Hope Mission.

Thank you

Richard Norton

Director Siloam Christian Ministries.

More informaion about the Light of Hope Mission

The Light of Hope Mission in India is headed up by Pastor Pappy Daniel who came to know the Lord as his personal saviour at the age of 17. After graduating from high school, he attended a teacher’s training programme and became a public school teacher in India.

He taught in the regular school system for 8 years but then he felt the Lord called him to full time Christian ministry. This caused him to resign his job and he set about witnessing and evangelising after equipping himself with gospel tracts which he distributed in the villages to tell folk about new life in Jesus Christ. Daniel also began visiting houses door to door trying to reach people for Christ, one at a time.

As Daniel walked through the villages, sometimes with his family, they saw the abject poverty of the village children. It was often easy to count the children’s ribs and it was impossible to not notice their hyper-extended bellies. The children were also without proper clothing due to the miserable living conditions of their parents. Because no one cared for these precious children, they were unable to obtain a proper basic education. This was the reason and motivation for the ministry of Pappy Daniel that caused him to open an orphan’s home for children in Kerala at Cheppad in the Alleppey district not far from a famous tourist resort known as the ‘lagoon area.’

In addition to the orphanage which currently looks after around 70 children there is also a thriving church fellowship in Cheppad attended by between 150 to 200 people. This includes children who also meet for worship on Sundays and there are house groups in the poor villages where there are no church buildings at all.

Richard Norton the Director of Siloam Christian Ministries has had a long time contact with Pappy Daniel and after checking his references both here in the UK as well as in India, Siloam is happy to recommend this project which they believe is worthy of support by interested churches and individuals. Pappy Daniel occasionally itinerates in the UK and if you would like him to include your church or fellowship during his next visit, then send him an email and no doubt he will be pleased to include your church or fellowship in his next trip.

Pappy Daniel’s accounts are also available on request, just email and ask at hopemsn@hopemsn.org.

Pappy Daniel and The Light of Hope Mission embrace the same ideals of Siloam in that they use Christian social work and education as an expression of God’s love to the local community.

If you would like to receive information from Pappy Daniel, please email him at hopemsn@hopemsn.org and he will be delighted to keep you in touch with his outreach ministry.

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