Project 010 - Love in Action in Ghana

Dr Mark Addo together with a nurse consults with a patient and her child.

A nurse attends to an in-patient after a doctor’s consultation. A junior colleague assists with medication.

Introducing The Ministry of Egya-Blay in Ghana

Dear Friends,

As christians we believe nothing happens by chance and that everything is ordained by God. So it was when Ghanaian christian worker Egya-Blay sat waiting for a tube train on the platform at King’s Cross station. Egya had already let 3 trains go through without boarding and he had no idea why he did not get on one of the earlier trains. But, then a young German missionary approached him and asked Egya if he was from Ghana. When he explained that he was, Egya was invited back to Peter’s apartment for a meeting with other mission friends involved in christian medical work in the Two Thirds World. This is how Siloam’s work in Ghana began and how the foundations were laid in May 1978 while Egya was still studying for his diploma at the London Bible College.

The ministry in Ghana began in 1981 and soon a small clinic was organised to meet the needs of the local population. As much as 40% of all the medical work undertaken in Ghana is done so by charities and missions who are held in high regard by the Government for helping them to make up this shortfall in the nation’s medical care.

The Siloam Gospel Clinic in Bonyere is a practical expression of real christianity and just one of the outreaches of Mount Zion Siloam Evangelical Church. Although the ministry has a number of supporters overseas, there is still a desperate need for more sponsors to come forward to help meet the financial demands of this life-saving project.

The monthly drugs bill alone costs £600 and the general running expenses including fuel, travel, staff allowances etc... amount to another £160 per week!

The Government does as much as it can and they do pay a large proportion of the salaries and allowances required by the 25 staff members of the clinic. But, unless this medical work continues to be supported by friends overseas, lives will be lost and precious souls denied salvation.

Each month we require 60 supporters who will donate £10 to pay the medical bills. Also, we would like a 120 supporters to donate £5 per month so that we can cover all the other running costs of the mission clinic. You see, when gifts of £5, £10 and £20 are accumulated together they can really make a difference to the medical situation in Bonyere in the extreme Southwest of Ghana. The Siloam Evangelical mission in Bonyere has become a local lighthouse of hope and encouragement. This is why I think you will want to help and become involved.

Capital gifts are also welcome, the mission also needs to construct a new maternity wing and nurses’ quarters as well as provide a replacement medical equipped Land Rover for reaching out into the interior and lagoon area. What about making a gift on behalf of a lost loved one.

So, these are the current needs with which I would like to challenge you and your church. I would like to welcome you as a giving prayer partner to help support this ministry so that Egya-Blay and his team can continue to use medical work as a vehicle for the Gospel in South Western Ghana.

If you want to know more about this ministry, then please visit our website: www.siloam.org.uk and scroll down to project 010 or just write to me requesting further information. You may like to invite Egya to come and visit your church when he is next due to visit the UK. Whatever you decide, please pray for the work so that it can continue to be a strong christian witness in Ghana and a practical expression of christian love.

Yours sincerely on behalf of Egya-Blay and his team in Ghana

Richard Norton
Director-Siloam UK

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