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About Siloam Thomas Eye Hospital

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Being poor, elderly or a victim of leprosy does not mean that you will be deprived of excellent medical treatment. Staff at the Siloam Thomas Eye Hospital are dedicated to serving all who are in need.

Community members have come alongside them as they serve others together. During the past few years, The Lions and Rotary International have contributed to projects enabling successful prevention and treatment of serious eye conditions. Along with community organisations, generous supporters worldwide facilitated the purchase of glaucoma detection technology.

Eye Marchine‘Now the hospital can use this high-tech analyser to help many patients who are too poor to pay for treatment,’ explains Siloam UK Director Richard Norton. ‘This state-of-the-art equipment is the only one of its kind in South India. That means the hospital’s up to date facility will attract other patients who can afford payment. This self-sustaining innovation will provide more funding for treating those unable to pay.’

Many problems affect young and old alike. Diabetes is such a condition and the hospital is launching an appeal for specialised equipment. It would enable early detection of diabetes and treatment of diabetes related eye conditions to prevent blindness.

Every week at the Siloam Thomas Eye Hospital modern medical ‘miracles’ take place on the eyes of the blind.

For 40 years mother and son have sought to bring affordable eye care to those least able to afford medical care in and around the Coimbatore area of South India. Cataracts are performed almost routinely and other conditions diagnosed and treated in this subsidised hospital.

Now the Siloam Thomas Eye Hospital would like to become a centre of excellence for the treatment and detection of glaucoma the ‘silent vision killer’ suffered by as much as 8% of the population in India. Dr Dev Thomas has a wealth of experience but his hands are often tied due to lack of funds to treat those least able to help themselves.

Everyday the waiting room at the Siloam Thomas Eye Hospital is filled with people desperately seeking affordable eye care. Your gift to Siloam will help them be treated with dignity and the best equipment and care available.

Here is just some of the people who have been helped by the hospital over the years...
malathy received treatment
Malathy suffers with a congenital eye complaint caused by her parents being too closely related.



Mr Daniel

Mr Daniel suffers with conjunctivitis a very contagious condition which is also extremely painful.



childhood injury

Sometimes a childhood injury, like a blow from a cricket ball, can cause the start of glaucoma which manifests itself in later life.




Leprosy patients are screened where they live in basic government colonies but they are treated like any other patient for glaucoma or cataract to improve what quality of life they still have.


operation eye

Routine eye operations take place weekly at the Siloam Thomas Eye Hospital to help recover the eyesight of patients suffering with a multitude of vision threatening conditions.


staff at hospital

Trusted staff at the Siloam Thomas Eye Hospital struggle to manage on basic wages in the face of rising prices. Their dedication to duty is most praiseworthy.