Rescue & Support for Street Boys in Thika, Kenya.

Siloam Sponsored Project: 004

Siloam accepted this project under its charitable umbrella in the UK from March 2020. The project was introduced to Siloam by Mr Martin Mackenzie who has been a Siloam volunteer for many years and has travelled extensively in Kenya visiting other Siloam projects that the UK organisation supports financially. The main objective of Sister Veronica Foundation Jirani Centre in Kenya is as follows: To alleviate poverty, improve welfare and mitigate the impact of alcohol and substance abuse.

The specific objects are as follows:

  • In furtherance of the principle object, the organisation shall have the following and ancillary objects and powers:
  • To rehabilitate alcohol and drug addicts.
  • To provide food, shelter and clothing for needy young men and street boys.
  • To give skills and provide training to empower children and young men so that they can become self-reliant.
  • To raise, secure and utilise funds for the attainment of any or all objects of the organisation, and to do such other things that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objects.

The vision:

To complete our mission, Sister Veronica’s Foundation Jirani Centre – Kenya aims to give impoverished and needy children the opportunity to receive an education, obtain protection and be empowered with social development in a supportive Christian environment.

To provide continual guidance at each stage of their young lives so that they can develop an independent and secure future for themselves and become useful members of the Kenyan Society.

The Mission:

With the assistance of volunteers, the centre aims to provide a homely supportive and safe environment for impoverished children to give them the opportunity to learn and grow so they can become responsible citizens in the community.

The following is a report from the Chief Executive, Sister Veronica Thiga H.S.C, who is happy to share with Siloam supporters in the hope that many will be motivated to contribute towards project: 004 as the Lord prompts them.

Dear Reader

I am delighted to present to you this report on the activities of Sister Veronica’s Foundation Jirani Centre for the past 5 years. We have seen a major milestone of reaching many street boys and orphans from all over the country. Considering the Convention on the Rights of the Child on 14th September 1990, viz “The child shall enjoy special protection and shall be given opportunities and facilities, by law and by other means to enable him / her to develop physically, mentally, morally, spiritually and socially in a healthy and in a normal manner and in conditions of freedom and dignity!” This has been possible in our case due to the financial or material support and services from volunteers and donor well-wishers.

In the past 5 years, (34) boys have been rescued, rehabilitated and are now attending different public and primary schools. Two of the boys are in secondary school. 15 of the boys have undergone training in baking and pastry making, welding, carpentry and tailoring. The boys have been reconnected with their guardians and relatives as this is one of the main aims of the institution. Our goal is that no single street boy in Thika town shall lack shelter, education and that the living standard of the street child will be improved. In the long term, the future prospects of the street children in terms of education and employment will be improved. The problems of street boys taking drugs can be vastly reduced or even eradicated altogether by imparting moral values and helping them live in a more sustainable environment. Finally, to encourage street boys and homeless youth to give up their drug habits so reducing their risk of being guilty of antisocial behaviour.

Our organisation faces great challenges such as the lack of sufficient funds to purchase more facilities for the institute and employ more workers (as we rely on well-wishers and volunteers to support the institution), an unreliable power supply the lack of consistent water supply for the Foundation’s operations. Funds would also help with the renovating of the building.

However, we greatly extend our gratitude to Ann Mugure who initially gave us the ¼ acre plot of land to establish our institution for these boys. We are also grateful to Christopher Maina who made it possible to establish Jirani Miracle Home. Lastly, our gratitude goes to Mr Martin Mackenzie from the UK and his team of donors who have helped to fund the training of the youth who have already benefited from vocational training. We hope that well-wishers and future donors will continue to help us to establish our own training centre within the institute. Any future help will have a great impact on the life of the boys and young men we look forward to empowering so they can become responsible men in the future Kenyan society.

Yours faithfully

Sister Veronica Thiga H.S.C (Head of State Commendation. Equivalent to UK’s M.B.E)
Chief Executive Officer



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Jirani boys 2 2014

Jirani Phase 1 Year 2014, the 1st group of Street Boys.

Jirani 2018

Jirani Phase 1, Year 2018 Boys.

Jirani trainee boys 2019

The first group of boys to complete vocational training, Year 2019.

Jirani boys Rabbits

A Rabbit Unit at Jirani Centre. Animal welfare is part of the curriculum and it enables the boys to acquire skills on humane ways of handling animals. That is, with tender love and care.

Jirani boys Christmas

A Christmas Celebration with Red Cross, Kenya in 2017.

Sister veronica and donors

Sister Veronica with visitors from Jesus Winner Ministry Church with their donations, Year 2017.