Help In Sight With Siloam Thomas Eye Hospital

Jesus still touches people who suffer from leprosy …

Founded in South India as a practical expression of Christian love, the Siloam Thomas Eye Hospital represents striking values put into action by Jesus. He gave sight to the blind when others said that blindness might indicate sin. Jesus healed those suffering from leprosy by touching them – shocking at the time.

Today dedicated hospital staff continue to serve the greater community, including the poor, the marginalised and those suffering from leprosy. Blindness is prevented and sight restored for patients who could not afford treatment elsewhere.

‘We cater to the poor and down-trodden everyday at our hospital,’ explains Dr Devdutt Thomas who heads the work. ‘Leprosy patients visit us weekly, receiving free treatment and spectacles. Also, monthly we perform free cataract surgeries for those in need.’

Usually, leprosy sufferers are diagnosed as adults. But children also can be victims of leprosy, requiring care. They can be assured that medical workers give them loving help in the name of Jesus who still touches lives today.

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Many people do not realise that young children may have leprosy.




Dr Dev Thomas and his team reach out to those who suffer, including victims of leprosy..