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Project 021 - Children's Ministry in India

Our hostel girls put on a music and dance display for visitors last December.

Providing food for our hostel children is one of the main strains on our budget.

Learning more about Jesus' birth by enacting a nativity play.Learning more about Jesus' birth by enacting a nativity play.

Providing good food and a secure home environment enables children to study in safety away from the harmful influences on the street.

Siloam's Co-Director John Eld presents Devi Bala with a gift from her sponsor Eddy Horner in England. Devi has since qualified as a nurse and is now working in a Chennai hospital.

Our 'Baby Rescue Centre' is now caring for 12 babies and toddlers most of whom have been saved from abortion. Please pray that our adoption agency will become registered shortly in India.

Siloam caring for children at Christmas time - in India

: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto Him, gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh. Matt' 2:11 (second part)

Christmas is a special time for children in India just like everywhere else. I remember when I was living there back in 1983, we shared our apartment with a few poor children who were orphans from our Siloam children's homes. Most of the other children had some family members to whom they could go but these few children had no one. It was an interesting time for my daughters Naomi and Natasha who were just 3 years old at that time, but they enjoyed having these Indian children to share with over the Christmas holiday. We had many visitors too, some came bearing cakes which were very welcome, although they were very different from the Christmas cakes that we are used to here in the UK.

Siloam's ministry among children in India as in other parts of the world, goes on throughout the year but perhaps this month as you are settling down to plan your own Christmas dinner you could just spare a thought for those children in India who are not able to enjoy the festivities - in the same way we are.

Together with our partners Childcare Worldwide, Siloam currently sponsors 300 children in India with around 100 being sponsored by the UK alone. Each child costs about 30.00 per month to feed, clothe and educate. The cost is normally met by 3 sponsors each donating 10.00 per month to cover this expense. When funds are not forthcoming due to lack of sponsors or extra unforeseen medical expenses, we have to dip into Project 021 funds, our children's ministry allocation, just to make ends meet.

A special gift this month of 20.00, 10.00, 5.00 or whatever you can afford will continue to help us make children smile and provide for their future education which we believe is the main route out of poverty.

Please give what you can, your help is needed now - your love does matter. Just look again at the photos.

Yours sincerely on behalf of the 'Siloam' children in India.

Richard Norton
Director-Siloam UK

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