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Insight 2013

Project 042 Freedom Festival 2011
Martin Mackenzie

Freedom Festival 2011
These children enjoy their newly arrived clothes – including those with the logo of St. Peter's C of E Primary School donated by Stoke-on-Trent residents.

Freedom Festival 2011
Everyday life presents hardships for children who lack basic amenities.

Project 009
Nerve Fibre Analyser Dr. Devdutt Thomas and others at the hospital ensure that everyone has access to excellent eye care.

Project 070*Emergency Relief for Refugees Evangelist Michael Rosagaran helps Lita to grow in her new found faith.

Project 073*Emergency Relief for RefugeesAnnet expresses her joy and thankfulness because her family will now have enough food to eat.

Project 045Leamington Christian MissionAndrew and Hannah Rees were able to communicate with their sponsored girl Suganiya with he help from Lydia Gomathy who so lovingly cares for the children.

Project 006

Leamington Christian MissionHannah and friends enjoy their time together at Rehoboth.

Leamington Christian MissionPhysical fitness and fun blend well for these energetic children.

Project 092Tony and Johanna Marais
The 'Medical Clinic in a Cart' offers free medical help to needy children and adults.

Project 067*

Tony and Johanna Marais
Children in the Critical Care Project benefit from nutritious food.

Insight Spring 2013


Project 042

Every person should have the human right to speak for themselves...

Speaking out for the deaf

The reality is that children in an isolated area of Ogongo, Kenya, lack the ability to speak that most of us take for granted. They are deaf, coming from a background of extreme poverty, including many AIDS orphans. Social prejudice often isolates them and puts them at risk.

Now, dedicated people in Kenya and Britain are helping to turn their plight around for a more hopeful future at Lambwe Christian School for the Deaf

An urgent concern for these children has led Martin Mackenzie of Warwick to engage in demanding activities. He successfully undertook the mammoth task of raising both the funds and means to bring electricity to this remote area. Now he is working equally hard to provide a source of safe water for this residential community.

But perhaps Martin's real achievement is more difficult to measure. It is the personal concern for each child faced with such disadvantages – and the determination to make a difference.

On his latest journey, he noted, 'I have frequently prayed to see the children healed and talking. Today, whilst I was videoing, one of the year seven girls started talking to me. Obviously, I was surprised but realized that she couldn't hear me, at least not well, and she couldn't understand me when I asked her name. When I asked her if she could lip read, she signed, "Partially."' This special touch reflects a welcome breakthrough because some of the students now benefit from speech therapy. A new development, it presents a stark contrast to the background of most students as no one communicated with them prior to their coming to Lambwe.

Networking widely, Martin Mackenzie and others ensure that these vulnerable young people will realise their potential – and also speak out for themselves.


Project 009

On the 8th of March, the International Woman's Day offered a focal point for championing human rights of disadvantaged women…

Help In Sight

In many cultures throughout the world, women face social, financial and medical disadvantages. Charities point out that in countries like India, from birth, females do not receive the same basic provisions as their male counterparts. Siloam Thomas Eye Hospital in India aims to help all who are in need. Dedicated staff ensure that excellent eye treatment is given to everyone, without discrimination based on gender, ethnicity or social standing.


Project 070*

On an island, your reputation soon gets around…

All change in later life

Living on Putik Island in the Philippines, Lita was known to have a bad attitude and to treat people unfairly, especially her own children.

With her children grown and getting older, she sometimes found herself sickly; yet none of her children wanted to care for her. Lita felt alone and also had a need for someone who would care for her.
Then she attended the church of Evangelist Michael Rosagaran, hoping to make friends. By regularly attending the service, Lita is not only acquiring friends but people, including her children, also notice the change in her. She is now happy in her life with God.

'Recently five people have come to faith through the ministry of Evangelist Michael Rosagaran,' says Tyrell Johnson of our Childcare Worldwide (CCW) partners. 'He asks prayer for his ministry as well as for good health.' It would be a great encouragement for more people to experience how their lives can change – whatever their age.


Project 073*

It is now three years since my husband disappeared…'

Disappearance, difficulties and blessings

In Uganda, Mrs. Annet Nalongo explains how her husband disappeared from their family home. Since then, she must depend on casual work to support their five children. Yet some days they go without food. Annet says that God has seen them through difficult situations with His mighty hand.

Living in a one room mud structure, the family knows only bare necessities. The children range in age from four years to seventeen. 'When Annet received her survival pack, she was so thankful for food to help her needy family,' notes Tyrell Johnson of our CCW partners, 'She lifted her palms and gave glory back to God and also wished many blessings to those who now help them.'


Project 045

Child sponsorship offers a changed life – for everyone involved…

Together Child Sponsorship

When British schoolgirl Hannah Rees and her father Andrew visited their family's sponsored child in India several years ago, she said, 'My life changed hugely. Seeing children in poverty put everything into perspective.

'It was a relational thing. Our sponsored girl Suganiya and I were of a similar age. Language was no barrier as she just took me by the hand and we ran around, playing games together. Then too, I visited her family home, a straw hut with a mat on the floor.

'We sponsored Suganiya for eight years and it gave her a better life. She gained emotional stability as she no longer had to worry about basics like having enough food to eat. In the long term, she will benefit from the education, Christian training and social skills she has acquired.

'This made a big impact on my own life. As a 14 year old, I became much more sensitive to poverty. It led to my giving most of my pocket money toward sponsoring another child.'

Andrew and Julia Rees, with their children Hannah and Benjamin, continue to help sponsor vulnerable children through Siloam projects in various parts of the world. Also, Andrew Rees has become a Siloam Trustee. To find out what Hannah went on to do, just keep reading…


Project 006

When Hannah Rees planned her gap year, she knew she would be spending part of it doing mission work…

the Gap!

Hannah, what is the connection between India and the Rehoboth's Children's Home in the Philippines?

Going to Rehoboth would never have happened if it hadn't been for the trip to India. It was putting a face to the statistics. It's one thing when you just see TV adverts. It's another thing when you actually experience being with children who suffer from poverty.

Can you say that you had a hands-on experience?

Positively! I spent a few days cleaning drains – and enjoyed it.

How do you feel that you made a difference to the children?
Although I related to children of all ages, there was one baby named Ludy. He was suffering from tuberculosis, so was often isolated. I spent early mornings with him, reading the Bible out loud, singing, and talking to him. I took him outside and helped him with lifting exercises. By the time I left, you could actually see an improvement in him.

What would you say to anyone considering doing overseas volunteer work like this?

Definitely go! It will absolutely change your life. No amount of talking can compare with experience.


Project 092

In the Philippines, an innovative ministry brings physical and spiritual healing to the poor…

Wheels to heal

'Our "School in a Cart" became "Medical Clinic in a Cart" for about four hours,' reports Iddo Olavidez. 'Dr. Alex Lazarte, a classmate in high school and now a medical doctor, granted my request that he donates his professional time to a free medical clinic.'

Two nurses came to assist the doctor and volunteers were on hand to dispense the free medicine as prescribed. Common illnesses for both adults and children ranged from skin diseases to coughs and colds. Other conditions discovered included high blood pressure and suspected tuberculosis.

'Dr. Alex agreed to come quarterly to conduct the free consultation and medicine distribution,' says Iddo. 'Please pray for this activity. May our poor constituents see Jesus as their Spiritual Physician and also One Who can heal their bodies!'


Project 067*

Helping deprived children includes parent participation…

Family feedback

In India, needy parents often struggle to feed their children and provide them with basic healthcare. That is why the Critical Care Project meets so many vital needs. Children in dire want are cared for, nurtured physically and spiritually, acquiring educational and social skills.

Young children enjoy nutritious food, times of lessons made fun and spiritual instruction. They may enjoy a well presented cartoon CD of Bible stories or learning rhymes with action songs. Early education also includes both alphabet and numeric classes.

Importantly, their parents participate, both learning and contributing to their children's well-being. 'Parents notice that, with better nutrition, their children have become more active,' notes Tyrell Johnson of CCW. 'It is a real incentive when we get feedback from these families who are so happy with the Critical Care Project.'



Please pray for:

SUNDAY – David, Lydia and their support staff in India as they administer our children's homes and other projects. Project 051

MONDAY – Feeding programmes for children in Haiti – much forgotten by the world as the effects of the earthquake and storms have faded from our news reports although Haitians continue to suffer. Project 065

TUESDAY – Wheels of life in the Philippines – education brought to the street children. Project 092

WEDNESDAY – Maj-Lis Johansson and her ministry to the disadvantaged near Lisbon in Portugal. Project 047

THURSDAY – Steph and Geoff of Leamington ChristianMission, who continue their work among the homeless and disadvantaged despite their own ill-health. Project 017

FRIDAY – Our Projects 042, 022, 023 and 068 in Kenya. Lambwe Christian School for the Deaf, Spirit of Faith Children's Centre and Olankasurai Clinic.

SATURDAY – Our social programmes in Vietnam. Project 026


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