Project 045 - Child Sponsorship in India

One of our blind boys.

Siloam girls' home - will you help to sponsor a child in India?

Siloam girls' home - will you help to sponsor a child in India?

Dear Friends,

Siloam offers children for sponsorship in India at just £10 per month. The sponsorship gift is used to cover the cost of the children's clothing, accommodation, school expenses and daily food. Also included are medical expenses of a modest nature but we do not cover the major costs of expensive treatment which may be necessary for a life threatening condition. The parent(s) are advised of this and realised that it's not the responsibility of Siloam or its sponsors in the UK to be obliged to cover all the possible expensive medication required by a seriously ill child.

Some boys in our hostels are 'special needs' children suffering with blindness or are deaf and dumb. We also care for 55 girls at the present time whom we feel are particularly worthy of sponsorship because as recent studies have shown, females in India are particularly down trodden. We have a project for the millennium to build a new hostel which will eventually accommodate a 100 girls on land for which we completed the purchase in February last year. We are therefore encouraging new enquirers to seriously consider the possibility of sponsoring a girl as your sponsorship money will go towards the additional costs of the home to help with construction as well as the regular needs of a child. But, if you prefer to sponsor a boy with a 'special need', then please could you indicate that when you write to us so that we can select a child with you in mind. We also have a hostel for boys without disabilities but we are not offering these boys for sponsorship until the beginning of the next school year which will be in July. If you would prefer to wait until July for your sponsorship to begin for a boy in our hostel, then please indicate that on the form also.

Photographs will normally be provided once or twice a year and simple correspondence is possible with the use of our co-workers who will translate brief letters from English to Tamil and vice versa. If you would like to complete the form below, then please return it to us as soon as possible so that we can allocate a child with you in mind.

We want to be sure that you understand that the children that are sponsored do not actually receive money directly from the sponsors or our organisation. The money is used to pay for the normal expenses of the children as listed overleaf but your gift will also allow for a special gift at Christmas time etc... Children do not normally celebrate birthdays in India like we do in the UK but they are always happy to receive a brief letter from their sponsors or a Christmas card, a photograph of the family or even a postcard showing the town or city where sponsors are living.

Even if you are only able to commit yourself to one or two years of sponsorship, this can make a real difference to a child in the Two Thirds World, particularly India.

I hope you will make a positive decision to support our ministry in India so I look forward to receiving your coupon indicating your desire to sponsor a child and advising us of the sex and approximate age (please give room for latitude) so we can try to match a child with your requirements in mind.

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